This presentation describes the different processes and steps taken by two faculty members from the social work department and a group of students to start a Center for Student Recovery (CSR) at a small private university in central Texas serving mostly first-generation Hispanic students. The presentation highlights the unique history of the university and how its mission and values align with the creation of a CSR, making it the first private catholic university with this type of service to its student population.  Additionally, the presentation showcases the different stages undergone by the stakeholders to get to the point of student involvement.  The stages include the social work department obtaining part of an SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) grant which allowed for training to be embedded in certain classes which sparked conversations of substance and alcohol use among the student population. It also included a student health survey that provided a snapshot of the state of substance and alcohol use on campus, and the approval of a proposal presented to the University’s board of trustee and president. Emphasis is given to the process of recruiting the student leadership, the student’s motivation and their role in the creation of the CSR.