POWER (Providing the Outside World with Empowerment and Resources), a student organization within the Texas Tech’s Collegiate Recovery Program established December 2015, elaborated on their members experience when engaging in the important effort of diversity outreach to persons in recovery from substance and alcohol use disorders and eating disorders.  POWER describes their mission statement to provide a foundation and a voice for underrepresented individuals in recovery by delivering positive end results through opportunities for success with a vision to instill hope for a promising future. These members along with the director of the CCRC and another staff member shared what they have found to be most effective and ineffective when presenting to diverse groups in their community. The presenters provided educational and recovery resources used in reaching out but also the varying and tailored approaches and techniques utilized when conducting outreach work to specific marginalized populations.  These materials and techniques have been honed through many presentations and experience since 2015.  During their presentation, student leaders, and members of POWER, shared their own personal experiences of marginalization as well as their experience as presenters/peer leaders.