This session will guide you through the step by step accreditation standards for running the business side of Recovery High Schools. Learn from the best as you navigate selecting the model, identifying leadership, energizing a Board of Directors, building community partners and much more. 1. Business Planning: How do high schools operate with a revised strategic business plan that provides for a reasonable level of organizational autonomy and is created for longterm survivability and viability, 2. Board of Directors: How does the school have a functional and involved Board of Directors?, 3. School Leadership: How does the school have a recognized and fully trained leader or leaders who operate with a level of autonomy and flexibility within the larger organizational system?, 4. Community Partnerships: How does the school establish collaborative partnerships with local schools, treatment centers, and other community resources to create a coordinated system of support?, 5. Public Relations & Privacy Issues: How does the school have a plan to promote the school and its programs while respecting the privacy and safety of its students and families?, and 6. Program Evaluation: How does the school regularly evaluate the academic and therapeutic programs for continuous program improvement?