In 2013, Transforming Youth Recovery (TYR) published the 38 Assets for Building Collegiate Recovery Capacity as a guide for its early stage grant program, Seeds of Hope. In 2014 and 2015, TYR surveyed its network of grantees to further validate the initial findings. In 2017, TYR undertook new efforts to understand the diverse types of support programs and services being offered to students in recovery at institutions of higher education. In late 2017 and early 2018, TYR spent time conducting research to: (1) Validate the assumption that institutions of higher education are offering diverse types of prevention, treatment, and recovery support programs and services for students, (2) Offer an expanded definitional framework for school-based recovery support services in higher education to assist in the classification of these resources for enhanced access by students and their families, and (3) Update census data on collegiate recovery programs and services in the U.S. This session covered the findings of this research, which included responses from 118 unique institutions of higher education to the Collegiate Recovery Census. These findings provide the most comprehensive census the field has to date.